This is a picture of "Scenery That I Have Not Seen".
We miss the 2 minutes of a view within an hour.
It is 32 minutes in one day. However, that's only if you are sleeping for 8 hours every day.
This is "Blinking".
I take photos of cosmetic advertisements at work. when taking a photo of a water drop falling from a bottle, the complete image is visible, but some of the cameras will collect the failed photos by removing the timing.
Just by looking at those failed photos, I have noticed something grand. "I have not seen such a moment."
While blinking, our eyes are blinded.
It is instantaneous, so there is nothing  conscious about it , however it will take up 32 minutes of 1 day. 
Therefore, if you shoot a picture while blinking,  the moment in which you blinked can be seen. And, in order to view the time in which you blinked, we made "Unviewed Scenery" by combining photos that are taken consecutively and developing.
I think that new discoveries can be made by encountering "Unseen Scenery", which will fall down into  unconsciousness.
” まばたきの裏側 ”
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